Ciao Mate

$125 AUD

Ohhh, we've come so far since the years where we dumped a pile cheese onto a pile of sauce onto a pile of cooked spaghetti and called it Italian! Australian's have a deep and abiding love for il bel paese (the beautiful country) - from Capri calling, to reminiscing about Rome, to fiending for a Florence fix - and some nights all you can do is fix yourself a bloody great pasta dish and dream. That's why we created the Ciao Mate!

This tasty pack contains everything you'll need to whip up a dreamy feast, including da pasta and da rustic red wine. Gift this to the one in your life who signs off with a "ciao", who loves to roll up their sleeves in the kitchen, or who posts a six monthly Instagram pic of an Amalfi beach holiday with the caption "Dreaming of this..."

LS Merchants Hoi Polloi Red

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot and a touch of Shiraz, the Hoi Polloi is 100% tank fermented and aged, super juicy and bright. There is so much fruit jumping out of the glass - think blackcurrant, blueberries, red ripe plums followed by chocolate and spice all held together with super lush, velvety tannins.

Ciao Pasta Campanelle x 230g

Made from 100% Australian durum wheat semolina - now regarded by Italian millers/producers as some of the best in the world - and purified water, the twisted campanelle style is beautifully textured so as to hold sauces with superiority! This ain't your usual store bought pasta - it's so good your dinner guests will never know it wasn't made by hand in your own kitchen. We fully encourage saying it was!

Rickles Pickles Mandozzi Pasta Sauce

Just like Nonna makes! The legends at Rickles have tapped into little Italy and produced a pasta sauce that beats all others (and even features Ricky's beautiful grandmother on the label). It can be added to pasta (of course) pizzas, with chicken parmies, braising meats, minestrone soup and more. Our favourite local chef, Brenton Pyke of Market Eating House, call this AND WE QUOTE "the best sauce I have ever tasted". That's all the recommendation we need to dig in!

Cake Lady Ceramics Garlic Dish

Cake Lady Ceramics crafts unique pieces from her idyllic studio in the rolling green hills outside Donnybrook, WA. The ceramic garlic grater dish makes preparing grated garlic a therapeutic experience, easy to use and safer for fingers - this beautiful handmade piece can take pride of place in any cooks kitchen! A special collaboration, just for Postale...

Coogee Common Fennel Salt x 37g

From the legends behind Coogee Common, Bread in Common, Gordon Street Garage and more comes the delightful little pot of fennel salt - just one item from their delectable range of pantry goods, formulated by executive chef Scott Brannigan and his incredible team!

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