Daily Gin

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We have a love affair with gin, and we guarantee we're not the only ones. There's something so satisfying about pouring out a glass of the "good stuff" and this Haiver drop is so good it could easily become your "daily" go-to gin of choice. 

This gift has everything you need (and more) in one neat package, with some of our favourite products - she's giving you citrus, she's giving you lemon myrtle, she's giving you life. Plus, a block of deliciously velvety Colombian coffee chocolate by Bahen & Co (another daily staple for us and, we suspect, you...) and you've got a classic pressie for a classy guy or gal.

Haiver WA Daily Gin x 500ml

Bright with pronounced citrus on the nose, oily lemon with hints of sage, and a slight terpey pine undertone. Once sipped, you’ll notice big juniper hit accompanied by a creamy lemon sherbet like mid-pallet. Lemon myrtle carries throughout the whole mouth as its pretty tenacious and hangs onto the back of the pallet creating a warmth throughout the gin. The Macadamia oil rounds out the experience by providing a long textural and creamy finish. ABV: 40%

Bedfellows Mixers Tonic Water x 2 bottles 330ml

These guys saw a niche in the WA market yet to be filled, so they did - and, boy, we're glad about it! Bedfellows Classic Tonic Water has a unique, clean flavour profile, with lemon myrtle and orange extracts providing subtle citrus notes. With a reassuring bitterness and delicate complexity, Bedfellows Classic Tonic Water will compliment not overpower.

The Wildflower State Orange & Lime Garnish

Handcrafted, small batch, artisanal creations - every product from The Wildflower State gives indulgent experiences and beauty filled moments. Top your drinks with jewel toned dehydrated orange and lime, hand packed in WA from 100% Australian fruit. They're all natural, with no preservatives, no added sugar, and no other additives whatsoever! 25g

Bahen & Co Colombian Coffee Chocolate x 75g

Bahen & Co makes elegant stone ground chocolate from bean to bar, a traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time. From the plateau of Popayan, this Colombian coffee is sourced. The slow roasted Arabica beans are stone ground with our cacao to make a rich expresso bar. Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic raw sugar, Coffee beans

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