Gin Zing

$130 AUD

We have a love affair with gin, and we guarantee we're not the only ones. There's something so satisfying about getting to the end of a long week and pouring out a glass of the "good stuff" - so imagine the delight in receiving everything you need (and more) in one neat gift!

We've paired up some of our favourite products - she's giving you citrus, she's giving you botanicals, she's giving you florals. Basically, she's everything you'll ever need. In gift form, that is...

Haiver Botanical Gin x 500ml

This guy’s bringing Juniper, and lots of it! They’ve done this by using Macedonian berries distilled on their very own copper pot still named Ron. Who better to compliment our Juniper than the delicate flavours of strawberry and mint, along with all the other usual suspects. You can look forward to being reminded of the strawberry Lip Smacker and mint flavoured Extra bubblegum of your first kiss, minus the sweaty palms and braces. ABV: 40%

Bedfellows Mixers Tonic Water x 2 bottles 330ml

These guys saw a niche in the WA market yet to be filled, so they did - and, boy, we're glad about it! Bedfellows Classic Tonic Water has a unique, clean flavour profile, with lemon myrtle and orange extracts providing subtle citrus notes. With a reassuring bitterness and delicate complexity, Bedfellows Classic Tonic Water will compliment not overpower.

The Wildflower State Blood Orange & Pineapple Garnish

Handcrafted, small batch, artisanal creations - every product from The Wildflower State gives indulgent experiences and beauty filled moments. Top your drinks with jewel toned dehydrated orange and lime, hand packed in WA from 100% Australian fruit. They're all natural, with no preservatives, no added sugar, and no other additives whatsoever! 25g

Sue Lewis White Chocolate with Lemon Myrtle x 50g 

A chef by trade, Sue Lewis learnt the art of chocolate making in London under the direction of master chocolatier Paul A Young, and now runs her own beautiful shop in Perth's State Buildings. Her chocolates are made using the world’s finest ethically sourced couvertures blended with local, seasonal, often organic produce. They contain no preservatives and are lower in sugar! 

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