Mates and Lovers

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Pet Nat is perfect for all occasions, and the Mates and Lovers pack stars one of WA's most beloved producers - Brave New Wine! This trio of treats is ideal for the lover of funky pet nats, fancy chocolate and wildly luxurious scents...

Mates and Lovers feeds our deep love of colour palette-ing when gift giving, pairing three beautifully presented pieces, but a pretty package is nothing without quality inside. Brave New Wine, Pluk Skincare and Bahen & Co are all committed to crafting products that absolutely shine...

Brave New Wine "Mates and Lovers" Pet Nat

It's the social lubricant designed for parties of one, and parties of many. Chill, pop the cap, and share this refreshing fizzy beverage with your loved ones! Dusty rose in colour, its heady aroma hints at fun stuff like toffee apples, rose water, and apricots. Zippy acid provides the backbone, but its curves are fleshed out with fruity goodness. Zero adds, simply bottled before primary fermentation is finished - wild ferment, and un disgorged.

The Wildflower State candle in "Gloriana" x 200ml

Handcrafted, small batch, artisanal creations - every product from The Wildflower State gives indulgent experiences and beauty filled moments. This stunning branded amber glass vessel features a signature scent, Gloriana. A melody of fragrances reminiscent of summer, both uniquely Australian and deeply traditional. Gloriana is an ode to smoky, hazy days where skin is warmed and life in the wildflower state is magical.

Top notes: ginger, hay, bergamot, freesia
Heart notes: cedar wood, clove, vetiver
Base notes: birch, myrrh, frankincense, vanilla and gourmand smoke

Bahen & Co House Blend 80% Cacao Chocolate x 75g

Bahen & Co makes elegant stone ground chocolate from bean to bar, a traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time. Their darker house blend brings forth the chocolate makers craftsmanship to create the perfect blend of single origin cacaos. Ingredients: Cocoa beans and organic raw sugar


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