Petit Sparkles

$105 AUD

Present the lady of the house with this lovely gift pack, containing a beautiful bottle of Howard Park Petit Jeté, a lush "Gloriana" black candle by The Wildflower State, and Bahen and Co Roasted Hazelnut chocolate. Her heart will leap to feel so loved! 

Howard Park Petit Jeté

Pale gold in colour with notes of citrus zest, peach, and freshly baked macaroons, the fine mousse of the palate captures bright flavours of citrus, red berries and baked apple. Time on yeast lees has added creamy lemon curd and subtle wafer biscuit layers of flavour and texture. A wine rich and full of flavour, balanced by a fine and gently lingering acidity.

The Wildflower State "Gloriana" black candle x 200ml

Handcrafted, small batch, artisanal creations - every product from The Wildflower State gives indulgent experiences and beauty filled moments. This stunning branded amber glass vessel features a signature scent, Gloriana. A melody of fragrances reminiscent of summer, both uniquely Australian and deeply traditional. Gloriana is an ode to smoky, hazy days where skin is warmed and life in the wildflower state is magical.

Top notes: ginger, hay, bergamot, freesia
Heart notes: cedar wood, clove, vetiver
Base notes: birch, myrrh, frankincense, vanilla and gourmand smoke

Bahen & Co Roasted Caramel Hazelnuts

Bahen & Co makes elegant stone ground chocolate from bean to bar, a traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time. Roasted hazelnuts, crunchy caramel and their organic milk chocolate makes for a classic combination. Delicious & addictive! Ingredients: Hazelnuts, organic cacao beans, organic raw sugar, organic milk powder, organic cacao butter & organic cacao powder. 


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