Rocky Flight

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There are a couple of things Rocky Ridge take very seriously - making F*#%ing good beer and not messing with the planet, having a whole lot of fun and letting their creativity shine through in the beers they brew. If you know em, you know - they are NOT afraid to experiment with ingredients, techniques and processes to create the best beer they can!

Send someone you're into on a virtual trip "down south" to one of our favourite breweries, Rocky Ridge Brewing - we've created a Rocky pack that'll allow you to taste the hoppy rainbow. Pair these good sips with some tasty, moreish snacks made right here in WA and you're on a gifting winner!

The Beers x 4

Rocky Ridge Jindong Juicy: Pouring with a medium level of hop haze, this juicy pale ale is loaded with tropical fruit and citrus characteristics that are complemented nicely by a low yet cleansing level of bitterness. Well-balanced, highly sessionable and packed with flavour, texture and aroma - this really is a beer for all occasions!

Rocky Ridge Pilsner: Clean, crisp and refreshing, this Pilsner is a nod to the classic king of lagers. A lean body of cracker malts is complemented by herbaceous noble hops that deliver notes of freshly cut hay. Finishing with a firm, cleansing bitterness, this no-nonsense beer is guaranteed to please Lager fans (and win over some new ones along the way).

Rocky Ridge Session IPL: Rocky's session IPL delivers the best of all worlds - easy drinking refreshment, lower ABV and a boatload of all-Aussie hops that give off tropical fruit aromas. A light-bodied beer with low bitterness, it’s super crisp, highly sessionable and seriously more-ish!

Rocky Ridge Ace IPA: Big, bold and very well-balanced, this hoppy West Coast IPA is loaded with pine, mango and passionfruit characteristics that are backed up by a solid cracker malt backbone. Refined bitterness is complemented by a resinous mouthfeel in this punchy brew that will appeal to lovers of full-flavoured beers.

GH Produce Rosemary & Saltbush Nuts x 170g

These nuts have all the elements to satisfy the palate, with a perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness (just like a good love affair!). The addition of two of Australia’s under utilised native ingredients, saltbush and sandalwood nuts, make this mix unique and simply delicious. Ingredients: Australian almonds, Australian macadamias, WA sandalwood nuts, organic pepitas, WA honey, organic extra virgin coconut oil, Australian sea salt, rosemary (0.56%), Australian saltbush (0.25%).

Bahen & Co Organic Salted Liquorice x 100g

Bahen & Co makes elegant stone ground chocolate from bean to bar, a traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time. This moreish organic black liquorice is lightly dusted with sea salt and enrobed in Bahen's beautiful dark chocolate. Contains gluten. Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic raw sugar*, molasses*, wheat flour*, invert syrup*, liquorice root powder*, star anise oil*, vegetable colour & sea salt *Organic Ingredients

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