Sexy Stouts

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Get a fire in your belly with a selection of magical milk stouts! Each of these fascinating tins contains a royally rich elixir, a real treat for someone who'd exchange beer for a bowl of ice cream any night of the week. And if there's one thing our pals at Beer Farm and Rocky Ridge know bloody well, it's beer! 

Pair them with the BEST nuts in WA (trust us and try them, just don't expect them to last!), some juicy Angus biltong by our friends at Wagyu Biltong Co, and a delightful new berrylicious treat by Bahen & Co and you've got a gift that any cultured bloke or stout loving lady will adore!

The Beers x 4

Beer Farm Brekkie Scroll Pastry Stout: This rich, luscious stout is sweet and cinnamony, rounded with heaps of vanilla and balanced with a good dose of roasty coffee. There’s nothing like guns and buns to get you going and there’s no better pair than coffee and cinnamon scrolls! Made in collaboration with their friends at Old Bridge Cellars and Stomp Coffee this sweet and decadent stout is a pastry party. ABV: 9.5%

Beer Farm Milk Stout: A rich and rounded milk stout with all the bitter chocolate and coffee flavours you’d expect. For the beer nerds: they’ve added milk sugar (lactose) to give it a velvety texture and probably a few more hops than usual in the style (a forgivable sin, surely!) ABV: 5.5%

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co Mexican Hot Chocolate Milk Stout: This winter warmer has a smooth and creamy body from ample additions of oats and lactose along with pronounced flavours of chocolate that are provided by cacao husks and nibs from down south chocolate makers, Gabriel’s. A round and nuanced heat is supplied by ancho, guajillo and morita chillies, while a subtle cinnamon kiss brings a balanced and lustrous finish. ABV: 5.5%

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co Maple Coffee Milk Stout: Pouring jet black with rocky mocha head, dark coffee aromatics are prominent along with dusty chocolate and maple syrup. Like the smell of your favourite breakfast! A smooth, creamy body is provided by Western Australian grown oats and specialty malts. Milk sugar adds viscosity to the mid palate experience, while the coffee supplied by Margaret River Roasting Co and the roasted malt characters work in harmony with the maple syrup sweetness. Finishing with a round mouthfeel and more roast espresso, this Maple Coffee Milk Stout is not only an awesome winter warmer, it is a stout that you can session! ABV: 5.5%

GH Produce Chipotle and Desert Lime Nuts x 170g

With a little bit of zing and just the right amount of chilli kick, these nuts are simply addictive! With “island life” inspiration driving this recipe, GH Produce have managed to source some of Australia’s finest native ingredients and blended them with traditional smoked chipotle and coconut. The result will give you and your palate and experience like no other. Ingredients: Australian almonds, Australian macadamia nuts, cashews, W.A sandalwood, pepita seeds, sunflower seeds, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut chips, organic extra virgin coconut oil, W.A honey, Australian sea salt, Australian desert lime, chipotle, Australian pepper berry, rosemary

Wagyu Biltong Co Angus Chilli Biltong x 50g

Produced in small batches from premium Australian Angus beef, cured with a traditional family recipe of spices, freshly sliced, packaged and sealed for convenience. Be warned - once you start snacking on these, it's virtually impossible to stop!

Bahen & Co Roasted Caramel Hazelnuts x 100g

Bahen & Co makes elegant stone ground chocolate from bean to bar, a traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time. Roasted hazelnuts, crunchy caramel and their organic milk chocolate makes for a classic combination. Delicious & addictive! Ingredients: Hazelnuts, organic cacao beans, organic raw sugar, organic milk powder, organic cacao butter & organic cacao powder. 

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