The New Crafty State

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Send a friend on a virtual trip to our favourite WA breweries! Purveyors of beers for all occasions, we've teamed up with a bunch of crafty makers to create a pack that'll allow you to taste the hoppy rainbow - the best of their beers, a flight that'll take you from sour to stout and everywhere in between. Pair these good sips with some tasty, moreish snacks and you're on a gifting winner! 

The Beers x 4

Beer Farm Royal Haze: packed full of Citra, El Dorado and Mosaic hops, it’s hazy IPA at its best! For the beer nerds: with mild bitterness followed by good fruity esters boosted from a low flocculating English yeast, a cloudy and light malt base helps juice up this session-able beer that has been hopped multiple times through the process. ABV: 5.8%

Cheeky Monkey Imperial India Pale Ale: Passionfruit hop bomb. A light malt body allows the hops to express themselves fully jump out of the glass. Supported by aromas of light pine and pineapple, a firm bitterness comes through late to balance it all out. ABV: 8.8%

Shelter Summer Sour: A crisp, summer sour, with watermelon and citrus notes and a hint of salt to refresh the senses after a long day on the water. ABV: 4.0%

Rocky Ridge Jindong Juicy: Pouring with a medium level of hop haze, this juicy pale ale is loaded with tropical fruit and citrus characteristics that are complemented nicely by a low yet cleansing level of bitterness. Well-balanced, highly sessionable and packed with flavour, texture and aroma - this really is a beer for all occasions!

Wagyu Biltong Co Chilli Angus Beef Biltong x 50g

Hand made in small batches from premium Australian Wagyu Beef, sliced into thin strips from the silverside cut, and cured with a traditional family recipe of spices! Be warned - once you start snacking on these, it's virtually impossible to stop...

GH Produce Chipotle and Desert Lime Nuts x 170g

With a little bit of zing and just the right amount of chilli kick, these nuts are simply addictive! With “island life” inspiration driving this recipe, GH Produce have managed to source some of Australia’s finest native ingredients and blended them with traditional smoked chipotle and coconut. The result will give you and your palate and experience like no other. Enjoy with your favourite beers and beach tunes!

Dingo Sauce Co House of Kane Hot Sauce x 150ml

Their brand new Dingo baby and a world exclusive to boot! The first sauce anywhere in the world to use the brand new single origin Peach Candy Kane chilli, House of Kane is a really special sauce. This exciting new hybrid, the fruit of 5 years labour from Bunbury grower James Raumaewa and a cross between a peach habanero from Peru and a red Trinidad Scorpion Moruga. Definitely one of their most eclectic ingredients lists with mango, yellow peach, coconut water, lake salt, ginger, coconut oil, turmeric, kaffir lime zest, coriander seeds, lemongrass, Thai basil and galangal, thrown in for good measure! This sauce has an upfront, fresh zest with a smooth, creamy fruit feel. A hint of South East Asian spices with a heat that creeps up and holds to finish. We'd expect nothing less from the Willy Wonka of hot sauce!

Bahen & Co Vietnam 75% Cacao Chocolate x 75g

Bahen & Co makes elegant stone ground chocolate from bean to bar, a traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time. Amongst the maze of rivers downstream from Saigon lie island gardens holding a colonial treasure from another time. With flavours unique to the Mekong Delta, look for cinnamon, liquorice, balsamic & espresso. Ingredients: Cocoa beans and organic raw sugar

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